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Grid-Tie Systems

Grid-Tie systems produce but do not store electricity and typically utilize “net metering”. The equipment consists of solar panels, inverters, racking, metering, and disconnect devices. They are typically installed on roofs, but can also be made into shade or parking structures or ground mounted racking systems.

Customers enjoy the advantage of net metering by using the utility grid as a virtual battery. Grid-Tie solar systems are both highly efficient and reliable due to having fewer components. The excess power generated from these systems can be counted toward future power consumption or be purchased annually by the utility.

In addition, you’ll also benefit from peace of mind regarding long term energy costs, carbon footprint, home value, and low cost of ownership due to extended equipment lifetimes and warranties.

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Our Work

A few of our recent projects.

North Tucson

This 8.4 KW DC system is built on top of a guest house with two arrays of 7 panels and two arrays of 8 panels facing south. Each solar panel is fitted with a power optimizer to maximize efficiency and monitor production. The system fits in the roof and meets demands of both the guest and main home while not being visible from the street.

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Southwest Tucson

This project is located in a beautiful area south of Tucson. It’s not only a fun drive to get to but made for some great views from the roof. The system is 7.8 kw on a flat roof of an older adobe home. The panels were the easy part as the adobe would crumble slightly when touched, but our construction manager’s ingenuity and resourcefulness found the right products for the job without sacrificing aesthetics.

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